The Sdy Prize for Undergraduate Linguistics Students

sdy prize is an award for undergraduate linguistics students who excel in their studies. The winner receives financial assistance and networking opportunities, as well as a certificate. To qualify for the sdy prize, students must be enrolled in their third year of a degree program and in at least the top half of their class. They must also have conducted original linguistics research that has been published in a peer reviewed journal.

The 2023 Sydney Peace Prize will be awarded to Iranian-born actress and human rights activist Nazanin Boniadi. The City of Sydney congratulates her on her long-time fight for justice, and we hope that her work will help turn outrage into action. Nazanin will be honoured at a ceremony at Sydney Town Hall and a gala dinner at the University of Sydney, and will deliver her Sydney Peace Prize lecture at the University later in the year.

In order to win a sdy prize, students must submit nominations to the Dean of Students by early March and provide a description of their outstanding qualities. The Dean of Students will then present the nominations to the faculty at an undergraduate faculty meeting in April. The faculty votes for the student with the most outstanding qualities, and the student who receives the highest number of votes becomes the sdy prize winner.

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