The Dy Pools – The Natural Lungs of Sydney

As Sydney tries to revive its reputation as a great swimming city, one iconic pool is getting a major makeover. But not everyone is happy with the new look.

Known as the ‘natural lungs of Sydney’, the sdy pools are rock formations sculpted by the tide and a favourite spot for locals and tourists looking to escape overcrowded beaches. A popular alternative to the more formal Elkington and Bronte Beaches, the secluded rock pools offer a unique opportunity to get close to nature and take in some rays without being distracted by traffic, crowds or the noise of people.

While they are a great place to relax and unwind, the sdy pools are also renowned as an ideal spot for exercise and for exploring the tidal pools, coral reefs and beaches of the Royal National Park, which is home to rare wildlife and plants. A popular activity for both locals and visitors alike is hopping between the different sdy pools, with a particular emphasis on the rocky pools that can be found in the vicinity of Whale World, Blackmans Bay and Shelly Beach.

The sdy pools are also a hotspot for whale, dolphin and seal watching too – and they are the perfect place to take in the scenery and watch the ocean life as you relax on the rocks or swim through the waters. They are also a wonderful place for snorkelling, allowing you to explore the underwater world of the coral reefs and see the sea life up close.

As such, the sdy pools are also becoming an increasingly important part of the tourist experience for visitors to Sydney, with more and more people making a special effort to visit them and get a closer look at this natural treasure. This is particularly the case now that the sdy pools are being restored to their former glory.

Earlier this year, the sdy pools were threatened with closure as council tried to cut costs for the project, which is running well over budget. The project includes a new indoor and outdoor pool, a redeveloped grandstand with a capacity for 970-seats, children’s water play areas and other amenities.

Before selecting a Sydney pool builder, always be sure to ask about their history and credentials. Also, visit their showroom and ask to see examples of previous work. Ensure they provide you with a comprehensive quote that details all costs involved upfront (including items that may arise during construction), as well as an accurate completion date. This is how you can avoid costly surprises and ensure you’re working with a reputable swimming pool company.