Sgp Pools Implements Oracle Cloud Observability and Management

sgp pools is an official lottery operator in Singapore, offering Sports, Lottery and Horse Racing betting. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tote Board, a statutory board reporting to the Ministry of Finance. Its product portfolio includes pre-printed lottery game Toto, number games 4D and football and motor racing sports betting. In the past, it was a counter service-based business but as smartphones became available, it shifted its focus to digital channels and a platform for customers to onboard and manage their accounts.

Yeo’s team set up forums for staff to share their opinions, comments and suggestions on new initiatives, which were then incorporated into the company’s ongoing strategy. This helped the organisation become more agile and responsive. This was especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic, when many of its outlets were closed for half a day for a community programme and Yeo’s team had to ensure reliable connectivity for their team members who were working from home.

In addition, Yeo’s team implemented a unified IT dashboard that gives them better visibility into their infrastructure and applications. This allows them to monitor their entire IT estate at once, reduces troubleshooting time and improves application performance. Moreover, it helps them detect issues faster and automate responses, which minimizes costly outages. This is made possible by using Oracle Cloud Observability and Management, which provides them with visibility into their entire IT stack.

The unified IT dashboard also enables them to monitor the performance of their applications and infrastructure in real-time, which is important for their customers’ experience. By reducing the time it takes to identify and resolve issues, they are also able to ensure that their systems are always ready for peak demand.

By integrating the unified IT dashboard with their existing systems, Yeo’s team has significantly improved the productivity of their engineers and IT support teams. This has resulted in significant cost savings for the company and enabled it to improve its customer’s experience. As a result, the company is now able to respond to issues within minutes, which is much shorter than the hours it took previously. This has allowed it to minimize outages and disruption during critical periods of demand, which has a direct impact on their bottom line. In turn, this has given their shareholders a higher return on equity. They are now able to invest more into their business and provide their employees with better benefits. This has led to an overall increase in employee satisfaction levels. They have also been able to scale up their operations without the need for additional physical resources. This has lowered their overhead and boosted their profit margins. It has also enabled them to offer more products and services to their customers. As a result, they have grown their market share in the industry. The company is now one of the largest online gambling operators in Asia. It has expanded its presence in the region through strategic partnerships with gaming companies and is expected to continue to grow.