What is Personal Data in Hong Kong?

Data hk is an open government platform that provides easy access to public data from over a million sets of international, European, national and local portals in one location. The platform makes it possible for anyone with internet access to use the data for their research, helping them to gain new insights into real-life issues facing Hong Kong. It is updated frequently to make the data easier to find and understand, benefitting researchers as well as the general public.

In addition to the open data platform, the Hong Kong government has a number of other initiatives that can be used to address specific problems or challenges. For example, it operates a “Do Not Call” registry for individuals to opt out of receiving unsolicited telephone calls. It also promotes the use of big data and open source software for the public sector. The government also runs a “Smart City” programme to promote the use of technology for urban services.

A third initiative aims to increase the awareness of privacy issues by educating businesses on their legal obligations regarding personal data. Lastly, the government has a dedicated team to assist businesses in implementing privacy policies and procedures. In addition, the data hk website includes an online self-assessment tool that helps companies identify areas for improvement.

Despite the many initiatives to improve the protection of personal data in Hong Kong, it is still a complex area of law that can be difficult for businesses to navigate. For instance, the definition of personal data is broad and includes any information that can be used to identify an individual. This includes the following types of information:

In order to ensure that the data is processed lawfully, it must be stored in a secure environment and the processing must comply with the PDPO. In addition, the data must be retained for no longer than necessary for the purpose of its collection. However, there are some exemptions from these requirements. For example, it is permissible to process personal data for safeguarding national security or defence, crime prevention, detection or assessment of tax or duty, news activities and due diligence exercises.

The PDPO applies to any data collected or processed in Hong Kong, regardless of where the information was originally located. This includes data that has been transferred to Hong Kong from outside the territory, such as information relating to an employee who has left the company.

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