HK Pools – Cool Off in the Heat

Whether you’re an avid swimmer or just looking for a way to beat the heat, hk pools are one of the best ways to cool off. Hong Kong has a variety of public swimming pools, including indoor and outdoor pools, and even heated pools in winter. These are managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) and require a monthly pass to enter. Pass holders get free entry on weekdays, and discounts are available for those with disabilities, over 60s, children under 3 years old, and full-time students.

The best HK pools have plenty of features to keep swimmers entertained, such as water slides and fun diving equipment. For example, the Tai Po pool boasts one of the longest and highest water slides in the city and is packed with visitors on the weekends. Meanwhile, the Victoria Park pool has a main pool, a training pool, and a diving pool, as well as the largest swimming pool spectator stand in Hong Kong.

Another great option for families with kids is Kowloon Park pool, which has both an indoor and outdoor pool with waterfalls and rocks that you can swim beneath. The pool also hosted the aquatics events at the 2009 East Asian Games and has the most patronage of any government-owned pool complex.

For adults who want to work on their laps without the distraction of kids splashing around, the Chai Wan pool is the place for you. It has an indoor pool and two spacious kiddie pools, as well as a diving pool and a teaching pool. The pool in tucked away in a little corner of Happy Valley, Causeway Bay and Wan Chai, so it’s less crowded than the larger facilities.

If you’re planning to install a pool in your backyard, be aware that the costs will vary depending on the size and location of the pool as well as its construction material. For instance, gunite/concrete pools can cost up to $85,000, while fiberglass pools can be as low as $5,000.

You should also note that some pools have lockers that require a refundable coin to use. You can find out which pools have them by checking the individual swimming pool schedules on the LCSD website. And remember that a number of pools are closed on various days for cleaning or periodic maintenance.